Located in Hewitt Texas

About Us

We LIVE the low end!


Redeemer Bass was created in 2005 in Luthier Scott Coleman Sr's humble woodshop. Scott has been repairing and building instruments since the late 90s.  Each Redeemer Bass is 100% unique and individualized to the customer and builder. Redeemer also offers custom-wound Pickups and custom-voiced Pre-amps made to your specification. Contact us for more info!

Total customization!


Often times, you simply can't buy what you want off the shelf... For bass guitars, that's where we come in. Redeemer can build to your specs and desires. This means you get what YOU want! String number, string spacing, wood selection, hardware & electronics, it's all YOUR choice and Scott will guide you along the way. We have several attractive models to choose from, from dual cuts to single cuts, headless to headed. If you have a particular design we can help make it a reality! Contact us today at scott@redeemerbassguitars.com for more information!

Let's work together on Your Bass Guitar!


Redeemer Bass knows that musicians have needs that often simply can't be met by an over-saturated mass production market. Bring your creative ideas to us so that we can make them a reality! Scott will work closely with you to design, build and finish your Redeemer Instrument to your specification. Often times basses are built to Scott's specs and sold as well and will be listed on this site and Facebook. Scott has been an avid bassist for 25 years and has put hours upon hours of research in bass instrumentation in design, practice, and construction. 

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