Located in Hewitt Texas

Why Redeemer?

Some ask me about the name I chose for my Bass Guitar company. A lot of thought went into it. Most luthiers would use their own name, initials or something that symbolizes just that. I do not think they're wrong for that, I just didn't see that to be a fit for myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not down on myself or my own namesake. I am very happy to be who I am.

The reason for the name is this, I wholly believe without a doubt that any talent I have was given to me. Just as everything on this planet, it's all on loan. Whether it's musical or construction, all talent is a gift from God. My name isnt suited to be on the headstock, my treasures are not of this world. The nature that goes into every build, the tree that gave its wood, the metals mined from the ground, it's all part of Gods divine creation. Therefore I chose Redeemer. A name that signifies my Saviour, Redeemer, and God...Jesus Christ. A lover of sinners, like me...Through him, all is forgiven and through him all things are possible.

Thank You,

-Scott Coleman